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Understanding Cross Platform and New Media

Monday, March 27, 2006
This Thursday (30th March), I'm participating in a panel and seminar at Fremantle's Film and Television Institute (92 Adelaide Street, Fremantle) so any local readers of this blog who might be interested, please come along (it costs $18/ $9 FTI Members ... worth being a member for, methinks!). The outline:
Understanding Cross Platform and New Media

Want to find out about the latest trends in new media and cross platform development? Want to gain a greater understanding of how the use of broadband internet is already changing the way documentaries, television and films are being created, developed and distributed?

Don't miss this exciting seminar at FTI on Thursday 30th March at 7pm. Our panel of presenters will discover, discuss and debate what the world of the filmmaker of tomorrow will be like.

Guest speakers include Tama Leaver from UWA, Arron Kennedy from the award winning innovative animation company Raging Pixel and Alison Wright from the ABC.

To find out more contact FTI on 9431 6700 or email ftitraining@fti.asn.au

Anyone who knows my thoughts on cross platform media will be unsurprised to hear that in my bit I'm rather likely to mention both Battlestar Galactica (especially their use of blogs, podcasts, etc.) and RocketBoom (vlog extraordinaire!).

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At 3/28/2006 08:48:00 pm, Blogger Christina Chau said...

hey kid

as you know, I'm applying for honours in melbourne but I think I am going to apply at uwa too just as a safety net. Do you recommend anyone in particular as a supervisor?


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