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Sunday, May 25, 2003

The Star Wars Kid Strikes Back

Have you been following the Star Wars Kid saga? On April 29th, Waxy.org released some very, very funny footage of a young guy practicing his dual lightsaber skills in front of a home video camera. This footage had apparently been released online by one of his "friends" and after a day online, a new version was released with the actual lightsaber effects added (looks well cool!). On May13th, after an impressive search the Star Wars Kid was found. In a truly wonderful gesture, Andy Baio and Jish Mukerji launched a fundraiser to buy the newly discovered Kid an iPod as a thankyou for the laughs he (unintentionally) shared with geeks everywhere. Some wonderful people banded together and at last count, over $US4000 had been raised, so I suspect the unintentional stardom of the Star Wars Kid will be one of those mythical fannish moments that will be talked about for years to come. (Other reporting includes a typically banal Wired report, a cool article in the National Post with enhanced screenshots and a bittersweet yet detached item in the New York Times [you need to register to view the article]). To download the videos, visit Waxy.org.


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