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Wednesday, January 21, 2004
It's All Too Silly ...

Today's Onion has a great article which is only a parody because it makes sense! A bit:
CAMBRIDGE, MA—Scientists at MIT's Advanced Machine Cognizance Project announced Tuesday that, after seeing the final installment of the Matrix trilogy, they will cease all further work in the field of artificial intelligence. "As scientists of conscience, we must consider the ethical ramifications of AI development," said Dr. Gregory Jameson, director of machine epistemology and ontology at MIT. "The Matrix taught us that we cannot ignore our obligation to the future of mankind. We must free our minds to this fact, or we will accidentally unleash a nightmarish army of sentient machines."
And today's super-silly online game (specifically designed to waste hours at work when no one's watching) is: Smack the Pingu! (Cute, a bit mean, and very addictive!).

Update (23 Jan 2003 13:50): Smack the Pingu! is now here (the other server seems to have overloaded!)


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