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Gene & Lawrence: Posthumous Synthespians

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
What do Gene Kelly and Lawrence Olivier have in common apart from being dead? Well, the fact that they've come back to life ... sort of. In Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow which belatedly opens in Perth tomorrow, the villain is none other than Olivier! Brought back from the grave using archive footage, this uber-CGIed film brings us a posthumous synthespian, albeit a voiceless one; apparently voice technology isn't up to scratch yet and Olivier's visage is voiced by another actor.

More impressively, is Gene Kelly singing, dancing and rapping in the rain! As part of a new car promotion, Gene Kelly has been digitally reprocessed and the famous Singing in the Rain sequence is "updated" to show Gene rapping and getting excited at a new car! While perhaps not 100% tasteful, the CGI is pretty seamless. As the technology improves, it appears posthumous synthespians are about to become a bigger part of the mediascape! I wonder where Marilyn will be showing up? Check out the Gene Kelly ad here (6Mb Mov File).


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