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Monday, May 26, 2003
Marti Noxon: Executive Producer or Hair Fetishist?

The other day, during my extended phase of denial-that-Buffy-has-finished-forever, I was watching the double episode Bargaining on DVD with the commentary by Marti Noxon (who wrote part I) and David Fury (part II). Now, you've got to ask yourself, how many times can hair be mentioned in one commentary? Marti Noxon manages to exceed 10! We being with the huge trauma that Emma Caufield (Anya) returned from the season hiatus with hair that looked exactly like Sarah Michelle Gellar's (Buffy's) from behind: a big no, no since audiences might get confused. Then, somehow, it looked too much like Amber Benson's (Tara's). Then we saw Buffy climb from the grave and have nice straight combed hair with only a token leaf in it to signify her clawing out of the grave (actually, I can see why this one is an issue, but seriously, I suspect Marti has a real hair thing!!). Then the numbers shirts ... in Bargaining, we see Willow wearing an 11 shirt, Xander a 13 shirt and Dawn a 7 shirt and all this signifies .... NOTHING. But we hear a great deal about it anyway. Marti also, sarcastically, drops the line "ooohh, hot lesbian action" every time Alyson Hannigan and Amber are in the same shot. The corker, though, was the revelation that Joss Whedon is big ... REALLY BIG (Marti and David apparently were "instructed" to mention his sexual prowess). So, next time you're thinking of playing a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer drinking game, you know which commentary to listen to: sip every time Marti mentions hair, sip every time David mentions number clothing, chug when Marti gets excited by "hot lesbian action" and finish your drink every time we here that JOSS IS BIG!

Phone Booth

Go an see this film. Ninety minutes of Colin Farrell talking sounds insane, but is pulled off brilliantly. Anyway, directed by the same guy who did The Lost Boys, so it must be great. Grant aka 'The Angriest Video Store Clerk in the World' has a good review of it here (I say good mainly because I completely agree with it, of course!).


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