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Sunday, June 29, 2003
The Hulk: More Than Incredible

Even before its international release, The Hulk had already suffered from a number of negative comments and questions about the credibility of the green Goliath al a CGI. These early criticisms (many of which were based on viewings of a pirate download of an unfinished version) tapped into many fears--not least of all since Marvel�s merry mutants and superheroes seem to have enjoyed too much success in recent years; a flop seemed due. However, I can say with absolute surety, these early negative reviewers were completely and utterly wrong. Ang Lee�s rendition of The Hulk is without a doubt brilliant, absolutely brilliant. The Hulk is the best sort of cinematic experience: the story is intelligent, thoughtful and provocative; the directing is focused, tight, consistent and committed; the acting is wonderful and the leads very well chosen; Danny Elfman�s score heightens the emotional content without ever overpowering it; and the effects look amazing in service to the story, not replacing it. I was never a huge fan of The Incredible Hulk comic book, but I am a huge fan of the film.

As with many films, the review which most aptly summarises my feelings comes from David Stratton:
Hulk stands out from all the other sci-fi films based on comic-book characters because, as directed by Ang Lee, it's so intelligent and so interesting. The character of the troubled scientist who becomes a monster is basically a variation on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Lee brings out all the pathos and the dark horror of the story � with Danny Elfman's excellent music score, some very inventive photography and editing, and fine performances all round, this is a very superior entertainment.
The Hulk does indeed, SMASH!


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