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Thursday, June 26, 2003
Red Nose Day 2003: Do It For The Kids!

This friday, June 27th is Red Nose Day, which is the national fundraiser for research to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and also to provide support to people directly affected by SIDS. Red Nose Day has a strong history and allows Australians to send much needed funds toward preventing SIDS while having fun with some novelty and practical merchandise. The (in)famous red nose has many people walking around as clowns, but in a slightly less, er, intrusive manner you can buy pins and buttons. However, my purchase this year was definitely the most pragmatic which is a very funky looking space-age pen. It's $5 which means a reasonable amount is going to research from each sale, but the pen is very stylish, specially designed by Luigi Colani for Red Nose Day.

In a similar light, I wondered what fun I could have promoting Red Nose Day here and I came up with my very silly but, in all fairness, painfully simple edit of the Hulk image. Can you do something more creative? Sure you can, so why not promote Red Nose Day on your blog? SIDS is one of the few things I think everyone can agree is completely bad, so don't forget to buy your Red Nose purchases (at Coles, KMart & BiLo), and get into the spirit of Red Nose Day 2003!

The funky pen.


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