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Friday, June 20, 2003
The Incredible Hulk: You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm ... Cinematic?

Bad news filmbuffs! Today's review of the new Hulk film in The New York Times is, well, less than encouraging! The first paragraph of A. O. Scott's review contains this gem:
It might be described, in any case, as incredible, but only in a negative sense: incredibly long, incredibly tedious, incredibly turgid. As for the grumpy green giant himself, I'm sorry to say that he is not very credible at all.
Not Happy Jan! This reviewer picks up on every fear I have about the film ... and, sadly, Ang Lee is due for a dud (just to prove he isn't omnipotent after the glory that was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon). I guess I'm a little encouraged by Harry Knowles' review from Ain't It Cool News, but still I worry. Please don't let this be the Marvel movie to break the otherwise upward trend! Universal Studios wouldn't like disappointed filmgoers if they're angry ...



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