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Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Gratuitous Self-Promotion

Just thought I�d let you know that the response I wrote to Patrick Wynne�s letter �Buffy Finale Has Little Girl Power� in Science Fiction News has been published in their current letters section. They edited a tiny bit and gave it a more polite title, but I�m very pleased to see it there since I suspect there pupported 300,000+ readers might be slightly more traffic than this blog sees (with a grand total of 150 unique hits clocked over yesterday � oohhh, I�m hitting the bigtime now!). My reply on the Science Fiction News site is here, while my original rant is below in my blog.

The Coolest Science Fictional Images

Normally it takes a lot in an advertisement to impress me, but when I was in the US in March and April I managed to catch a few shows on the SciFi channel and their promos are just amazing. You can download these from their website and it�s definitely worth taking a look at them. My favourite is of a very, very weird little CGI pet that looks like it walked straight off the drawing board of Episode III! The �Generations� one is, I think, a homage to Kubrick�s 2001, and it very pretty in its own right.

Too Many Buttons?

Yes, I realise this Blog may be a bit button crazy in the sidebar right now. I will probably be renovating soon and keeping only the coolest. Anyone want to suggest which should stay and which should go? Comments are always welcome!

Keep Smiling, and Bye for Now!


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