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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Joss Whedon's Fray

['Chosen' Spoilers!]

How is it I managed to remain completely oblivious to the fact that Joss's comic book series Fray was about a future slayer? Apparently it's set in a future Manhattan where the Slayer has been all but forgotten since vampires had pretty much disappeared, but are suddenly, now, re-emerging. Whedon commentaries in the past few weeks (well, since 'End of Days', anyway) have commented on the fact that the Scythe Buffy wields to defeat Caleb and the Ubervamps is, in fact, the Scythe that Fray (the Vampire Slayer!) uses. So, Joss not only has entire seasons and series mapped in his head, but also the future history of the Slayer well into the future. It's even consistent with the activation of the Slayers (or at least not contradicted by it) in that Fray is only activated as a Slayer because vampires are re-emerging (after, presumably, been semi-permanently defeated by the multitude of chosen women). There have been seven issues of the comic thus far, and an eighth and final one is expected in late June. For the best Fray website visit here. Perhaps we'll see a Fray movie if it becomes too hard to re-assemble the entire Buffy cast at a later date? Who really knows, but it's encouraging to see the Slayer mythology live on. Now I have to see about finding these comics!

Vidders Say Goodbye

There has been a flurry of activity by Buffy vidders across the globe to commemorate the ending of Buffy. Two particularly amazing vids were completed for the Ain't It Cool News Buffy Final Bash, and can be downloaded here. More are being completed every day (some good and some ... long), so keep an eye on the Buffyverse Music Video Database and vote for your favourites at the Buffinator Awards. Oh, and my fave new vid (not a finale one) about the Potentials is here!


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