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Monday, June 09, 2003
Buttons & Logos ... so terribly addictive!

If you take a gander at the sidebar to your right and scroll down a tiny bit you will notice quite a few new buttons. Some are credits buttons (thanx to Blogger, Dreamweaver, Gimp et al) and many are my personal interests, favourite sillies and so forth. But the best part, are the buttons themselves! Seriously addictive. More to the point, you can make your own at the button maker factory (so simply, even your average Tama can use it!). There are already 500+ really good ones waiting for you to pick and choose from at the main button site, so feel free to visit them and find the joy that is tiny little, hard to read, but very cute, buttons:


PS Is it just me, or is it fascinating that logos, the ancient greek word for reason and rationality, now means the centre of advertising culture, the logo? (Personally, I blame William Gibson's Pattern Recognition for pointing out such obvious but disturbing things!)


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