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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
The banning of Ken Park, part two: Melbourne

In today's The Australian (p 12) Lynden Barber looks to the next step the the war against stupid censorship. The Melbourne International Film Festival has also got Ken Park down to screen in their programme, but would, like Sydney, break the law if they did so due to our insane censors (the Office of Film and Literature Classification). The Sydney Film Festival was defeated by the censors, and instead had a forum about censorship, artistic expression and freedom of speach in the slot Ken Park would have taken. The directors of the Victorian festival are looking into taking the matter to their (state) attorney-general, to repeal the censors' decision, and I can only wish them better luck than the Sydney crowd!

In happier news, David Stratton's excellent review of Ken Park appeared (with more than a hint of irony) on The Australian's website today. It concludes:
However, the refusal to allow Ken Park to screen at the Sydney Film Festival is a serious scandal. It's inconceivable that international arts events such as Cannes, Venice or Edinburgh could fall prey to this kind of government interference in programming. It is a sad day for the arts in Australia when this sort of thing occurs.
Read it in full here. Thanks David!


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