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Monday, June 16, 2003
The Star Wars Kid: Reloaded, Remixed ad nauseum!

How much is too much when it comes to Ghyslain, the infamous online pseudo-celebrity The Star Wars Kid? There is now a dedicated site (jedimaster.net) which contains not just the original footage of this French-Canadian teenager swinging his wanna-be dual lightsaber, but now THIRTEEN remixed and edited versions!! The first of these, Star Wars Kid Remixed, was actually pretty good in that it added in the lightsaber effects! Not too soon thereafter came probably the most impressive re-edit, The Star Wars Kid: Reloaded, which remixes Ghyslain's footage with the Matrix: Reloaded preview audio and puts in some quite clever effects. But wasn't that enough?

Of the remaining Star Wars Kid remixes, some are pretty impressive, but some are really, really crap. Those worth taking a look at are: Dork Clones (Ghyslian ends up fighting his own clone!), Star Wars Kid 2.0 (new lightsaber effects added in which the SWK fends off laser blasts), and SWK meets Dancing Baby (which is a bit silly, but adds the SWK and the Dancing Baby footage to make an interesting critique/comment on online celebrity and fads in our wired world). Of the remaining 'clones', many are crap: the Mortal Combat Workout (an aerobics workout to SWK footage; not much editing, not terribly clever), Benny Hill, Dark Maul Girls, Fart Man and Gay Bar (all just add new music; nothing exciting here), while SWK Highlander has some promise (albeit mainly in due to long titles, nothing to do with the SWK footage) and, finally, the Ep3 Pre-Teaser is okay but mainly due to the titles, again, not the edits. I can't be bothered linking to all of these; if you must watch them, head to JediMaster.net.

However, if you watch *anything* to do the Star Wars fans and humour, you MUST check out the extra video footage in the 'Star Wars Video' section of the site. Here we find Star Wars Dorks, a 10 minute look at the hardcore fans who were lined up, in costume, just before Ep2. The interviewer (a puppet dog with a cigar) makes some priceless comments and observations which play on every stereotype about fandom there has ever been. This is hilarious! Watch it. Also good is the Star Wars Blooper Clip from Ep2.

And can we let the Star Wars Kid saga end there? One can only hope ...


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