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Monday, June 16, 2003
Stop the World: I Want to Get Off!

Greg Egan's Permutation City is an amazingly provocative book. Catherine Waldby's exploration of The Visible Human Project is one of the best readings of medical desire and the biomedical imaginary I've ever read. So why does mixing the two drive my brain into Conniption City? I'm trying to finish a paper called "IatroGenic Permutations: From Digital Genesis to the Artificial Other" which looks at the way Artificial Life operates in Egan's Permutation City as the necessary 'other' used to define subjectivity. This is stuff I know! I've given the smaller version of this paper already! Yet my brain is still trying to do a runner out my left ear. Hmph.

So, instead of writing, I've been following some silly links people have sent me recently. Without a doubt, the best microcosmic representation of all things silly at Microsoft is here: Icon War (you need the latest Flash Player, but it's worth installing just to see these icons battle for supremacy!).

PS Yes, I've become a capitalist: if you click the links to books or dvds in future, you'll end up at Amazon.com and may be enticed to order them. I might make 1 or 2 cents if you do so. Feel free not to click these links if that's an issue for you. (I reckon give twelve to thirteen years and I'll get enough clicks to earn my first $10 Amazon voucher!)


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