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Thursday, June 19, 2003
TripleJ on FanFic and Slash

It's always interesting to hear people dealing with the idea of Slash and FanFic for the first time. On today's Morning Show on the national youth radio station TripleJ there was an interesting attempt to look at and address the issues arising from slash fiction. For those new to the idea, slash is a subgenre of fanfic--fan written fiction using existing characters--which deals with gay and lesbian pairings of characters not that way inclined in the narrative of the text/show/thing itself. The term slash derives from the first recorded story being described as 'Kirk/Spock' and the diving and joining '/' in the middle became the name. La Trobe media lecturer Sue Turnbull was brought out as the resident expert on the topic and did pretty well, although, like me, struggled to escape jargon speak for a generalist audience. Poor Sue, though, made one gaff when talking about "Spock and Dr Kirk"! ;) Audience reaction was fairly mundane, although I did discover that some of the Harry Potter fanfic (and, in particular, slash) sites had been shut down by Time Warner. A similar thing happened to a number of Star Wars fanfic sites a few years back when LucasFilm decided that if they were making everything for a PG audience, so should everyone else! Other tidbit: there are more Buffy fansites than for any other show, but X-Philes have more slash fiction on the web. Curious.


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