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Sunday, June 22, 2003
Matrix XP: Feeling burnt by Reloaded? Then watch this!

Well, the Star Wars Kid might be keeping the Lucasfilm buffs happy, but where do Matrix fans turn when Reloaded just doesn't quite live up to expectations? The answer: The Matrix XP. Two German brothers, the Rickerbros, spent many an hour working on this hilarious live-action short with very neat fx, but, more importantly, a *very very funny* script! These guys are definitely my heroes for at least the next three hours. If you're on a dialup like me (*sigh*) then the medium quality version is fine, but if you've got the patience or broadband, get the fullsize version (oh, and there is a German and English version, so if you don't speak German, watch what you select!). Rickerbros, thanks for a great laugh!


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