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Monday, June 23, 2003
Empire Aftershocks

As the US continues to flex its mono-superpower muscle, now looking at Iran and North Korea, and the EU makes bold plans to be a military power of comparable force, hijinx at the former centre of the Imperial world continue to amuse. Yahoo news reports that Aaron Barschak, dressed in as Osmama Bin Laden with a dress, and calling himself the 'comedy terrorist', crashed Prince William's 21st birthday. Kind of silly, you might say; typical 21st others might argue. However, the crashing of Willie's bash Britain's interior minister ordering "an urgent inquiry"! Overaction?!? Another interesting question might be the value of irony: if Prince William is so terribly interested in Africa and the African people, why doesn't he realised that an "Out of Africa" themed party might just sound like old imperial tendancies coming to the fore in the wannabe King? Mind you, Britain's been commodifying and appropriating African cultures for centuries, so why should the new blue blood be any different?


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