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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Hulkwatch: Part II

Today's The Western Australian features a much more positive review of The Hulk. Mark Naglazas talks about US reviewers having been simply unable to enjoy the serious exploration of human identity and anguish in the comic book derived action film. Probably a fair comment in some ways; the unofficial tagline 'Hulk Smash' doesn't come from nowhere, after all! However, I've got to say, I'm a lot more positive in my Hulk countdown now. It's released in Perth at 9pm Wednesday night, so look for a full review here sometime this weekend.

Revelation Film Festival

Perth's Revelation Film Festival has been going strong since last Thursday. The two gems I've made it along to were the fascinating documentary on French philosopher, Derrida, and the animation and short film showcase. Derrida: The Documentary could very easily have been too tacky or self-important to handle, but Dick Kirby and Amy Zeiring Kofman have made an admirable effort to show the world of Derrida without glorifiying his drugged past or marginalising his sometimes incomprehensible ideas. Indeed, the structure of the documentary attempts to deconstruct the very form of docu itself, and, I have to say, does a pretty decent job. And Derrida himself has a wonderful wit and sense of humour in whichever language he's speaking that day! Well worth a look.

The Animation and Short Film showcase as always had a number of amazing films (and one or two just bizzare ones!). It was amazing to see that the two best were local productions. The mockumentary Changing The Earth: The Dean Dirtbug Story was an amusing tale of the life of Dean Dirtbug who revolutionized the hive before dying tragically early, but survives as an icon of all things good in Dirtbug society! :) Along a similar line is the Davison brothers' Medusa. Poor Medusa just can't find someone to love her since the snakes in her hair turn every potential caller into stone before a fun night can be had! Is there a solution? And what part does a very blokey cupid play? It should be your mission to find out!

Tune it tomorrow...
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