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Wednesday, February 25, 2004
Reality TV Mutates Internationally (and Sucks Nationally)!

Has the reality bubble burst? Both Ten's The HotHouse and Seven's My Restaurant Rules are performing terribly according to The SMH. Of course, a quick look at these shows suggests that it might not be the formula, but the casting: the contestants on both shows are so banal and boring that I can't imagine even their closest friends tuning in to watch! Ten is hoping that Big Brother 4 will revive the reality stakes later in the year. Hmmmm.

Of more interest, in terms of how far you can push a reality franchise, is the Arabic version of Big Brother! The BBC reports that the mutated version of this franchise will feature:
In the first programme only one of the female contestants was wearing the traditional black robe or abaya. The house has been modified to reflect Arabic customs. For the first time since the show's inception there are segregated sleeping quarters for men and women. There is also a prayer room. There is a separate women's lounge with a mixed-sex communal area as well. Otherwise the rules follow the international format for which the show has become both loved and loathed.
The McDonaldisation of the Arabic world perhaps?


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