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Friday, April 02, 2004
Harry Knowles Produces...

Harry Knowles, loved by some, hated by probably as many for his widely-read film and tv rag Ain't It Cool News, is going to risk everything, moving from the critics' couch to the producer's podium. The Hollywood Reporter notes:
Harry Knowles ... is coming on board to co-produce "Princess of Mars," Paramount Pictures' adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp classic that Robert Rodriguez is directing. ... In Knowles' 2002 autobiography, he describes Burroughs' "Martian Tales" series, revolving around adventurer John Carter, as one of the literary world's properties that is most deserving of a big-screen treatment.
Given Knowles' sycophantic love of certain Hollywood films, and equally extreme hatred of others, there are probably hundreds of reviewers waiting to sink their teeth in Knowles' own work!


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