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Wednesday, June 23, 2004
[X] Google plans to release some of its underlying software code.
[X] Wired looks at Asimov's legacy before the I, Robot film is released. (Alex Proyas claims to have made "the most faithful cinematic reworking of Asimov's stories to date, true to the spirit and ideas, yet reenvisioned." That's not the preview I saw!)
[X] The NYTimes' review of Fahrenheit 9/11 is out and calls the film uneven and populist and thus "an authentic and indispensable document of its time"! (A.O. Scott argues it " is many things: a partisan rallying cry, an angry polemic, a muckraking inquisition into the use and abuse of power. But one thing it is not is a fair and nuanced picture of the president and his policies.")
[X] Download Aborted! has a provocative piece asking "Should life be Open Source?".
[X] Download GMail to a POP3 account with GMail to.
[X] Play the addictively simplistic ALife game MicroLife. (Why do I always get addicted to games which are pitched at primary school aged children?!?)


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