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Monday, August 09, 2004
The ever-intriguing Jill has decided that blogging is a lot like knitting:
“Blogging is about doing just a little each day, and building something over time,” I say in the interview, “rather like crocheting or knitting.” You can follow a pattern or make up your own, you can talk about what you’re making with your friends, and the level of ambition can be as high or low as you like. Sometimes your creations won’t please you and you’ll unravel them or just hide them in a cupboard. Other times you’ll be surprised at how beautiful it turned out.
While I would never have considered myself a knitter before, perhaps digital knitter is a term I could be comfortable with!

Also, Noah Wardrip-Fruin has posted some interesting reflections and ideas about blogging and teaching at Grand Text Auto. Worth a read. I may even post my own emerging experience of teaching with blogging in the near future (be warned...).


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