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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
[X] NASA reports that "Cassini returned its best look yet at the heavily cratered moon Mimas", but strangely Mimas looks just like the Death Star! [via WaxyLinks]
[X] Jessica Alba is trying to ruin my life as she "stars" in Frank Miller's Sin City (please, please, please get some grit before doing this part!).
[X] Apparently the current season of The Simpsons will end with one character declaring that they are gay (hasn't Smithers already done this?). There will also be a Simpsons film at some point.
[X] Neil Gaiman tells us and SciFi Wire expands the news that there will definitely be a Death film (after false starts and long waits) made by New Line.
[X] Stewart points to the Cantian Crawl VI and VII films which are really odd (dancing avatars and even the science fictional aliens look anorexic!).
[X] Finally, The Australian has weighed into the debate about Norma Khouri's disputed book Forbidden Love. Ok, so it seems likely that this isn't an actual autobiography. It may--shock, horror--be the case that an author made something up. So a few people feel like they've been lied to and that causes a bit of trauma. Does this lead to an interesting debate on the division between fiction and non-fiction? Hardly. The Australian concludes:
Whether Khouri can disprove the allegations, she is still a winner in a financial terms, given her burgeoning royalty cheques from more than 250,000 book sales. It is also unlikely that Random House will attempt to recover the advance it has paid for her now-in-doubt next book, the ironically titled A Matter of Honour.
This seems to cast Khouri as evil, but why should the public and publishers be surprised when a "non-fiction" book has fictional elements? Why not just move the stock from the AutoBiography to the New Releases - Fiction section and be done with it? Add a "fiction" sticker to the cover if you must.


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