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Everyday Cultural Studies

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
In today's Higher Education supplement to The Australian, Elspeth Probyn talks about the 'ordinary' and 'everyday' in terms of cultural studies:
[I]n cultural studies there's a resurgence of interest in the ordinary and the everyday. The next cultural studies association conference, to be held in Fremantle in December, is on everyday life in the 21st century and there are several anthologies on the ordinary. [...] Of course, to give force to the ordinary there has to be a spectre of the extraordinary. So we're told that Mark Latham's past, especially his sex life, is ordinary, and John Howard goes on about how abnormal and extraordinary is the desire of gays to marry.
This is definitely one the more interesting Probyn articles, and her take of the power and politics of the everyday is spot on. For those interested, you might want to visit the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia Conference website. Also, for the best writing on 'the everyday' I've read in a long while, check out the new double edition the journal Cultural Studies which focuses on the everyday. Of particular interest are the articles by Mark Poster ('Consumption and digital commodities in the everyday'), Anne Galloway ('Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous Computing and the City') and Harry Harootunian ('Shadowing history').


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