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Transformers and Watchmen Films Greenlighted

Saturday, July 24, 2004
The Hollywood Reporter notes that a live-action Transformers film has been sucessfully optioned by Dreamworks in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Yes, the words live-action are in the press report, so given that the Transformers are all robotic lifeforms, this is going to one hell of a CGI film with, I'm guessing, a pretty huge budget! Steven Spielberg's down as executive producer, and the money behind the two X-Men films (Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto) are producing, so expectations are pretty high. If done right, this could be an amazing movie! More than meets the eye ...

Paramount Pictures are also backing an adaptation of Alan Moore's fabulous graphic novel Watchmen. Darren Aronofsky (of Requiem for a Dream and Pi fame) is down to direct; his stylish and dark take on visual worlds bodes well, methinks. That said, the mess that was made of Moore's From Hell still makes me nervous. It wasn't, in all fairness, a terrible film: it just didn't live up to the graphic novel (and let's not talk of The League of Rather Ordinary Gentefolk!).


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