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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
[X] The first substantial blog post I ever wrote was about the Star Wars Kid. Now, eighteen months later, SWK has made his virtual return as a hidden extra (I don't want to say Easter Egg) within the videogame Tony Hawk Underground 2. Andy Baio has more, including captured video from the game.

[X] Bride and Prejudice, a Bollywood adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is number one at last week's UK box office. I'm rather looking forward to seeing this one when it hits Australian cinemas. I want to see Mr Darcy in a sari...

[X] Boing Boing notes that the very popular romance advice column Dear Prudence has just delivered the first piece of "wisdom" for a MMORPG romance! (Dear MMORPrudence...)

[X] Now virtual politics takes on a whole new face as users of the virtual world Second Life are streaming the next US presidential debate into the 3D virtual gamespace in realtime!


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