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Minimal Ponderance

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
A shoutout post to those few intrepid souls who actually read all of my posts instead of Googling their way here...

I'm now deeply buried in prepartion for this semester, my first full-time, and it looks to be a pretty busy time. I'm working in two courses: Digital Media and Sex, Bodies, Spaces both on the main UWA campus in Nedlands as well as spending two fortnights (or thereabouts) at the Hong Kong University Space's Centre for International Degree Programmes where both courses are being taught as part of UWA's Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. On top of that, I'm desparately trying to find time to finally finish off the PhD thesis which is getting anxiously close to final submission time.

While it will be a pretty exciting semester in terms of new experiences (Hong Kong teaching, workshops on iMovie and Flash...), it does look 150% full already, so I fear the blogging of my ponderances may be few and far between for a while. Of course, I'm not abandoning the blog, just putting it on a textual diet!


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