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Where No Podcast Has Gone Before

Monday, April 25, 2005
As the prequel Star Trek series Enterprise reaches its final few episodes before closing up shop, the producers of Star Trek and Paramount have finally cottoned onto the podcasting phenomenon and joined in. On Friday US viewers watched "In A Mirror, Darkly" which takes the franchise back into the infamous (and fan-loved) mirror universe where the Federation is rather evil! To accompany this foray, episode writer Mike Sussman and web editor Tim Gaskil offer a commentary podcast to increase your fannish viewing pleasure. While I've not seen either the episode, nor heard the podcast, it's great to see Trek's producers finally engaging with their fanbase.

Sadly, as Enterprise wraps, one wonders if the fans had been listened to earlier could a fresh injection of energy (and maybe a few changes in the production team) re-vitalised a series which perpetually struggled to live up to the Star Trek name?

At least the Battlestar Galactica team seem to be getting things right!


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