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Some Noteworthy Reading

Tuesday, August 09, 2005
[X] Podcasting News reports on the first podcast from space! NASA astronaut Steve Robinson checks in from the Space Shuttle Discovery. [Direct MP3 Link] (Of course, the lack on an RSS feed makes it the first recorded MP3 from space, really!)

[X] The NYTimes mahazine on the weekend included an article on Machinima makers called "The Xbox Auteurs" which is well worth a read. [Via Thinking Machinima]

[X] David Berlind's ZDNet article "Ground zero for credibility in blogging and journalism" is worth thinking about. [Via NewMediaMusings]

[X] William Gibson writing in this month's Wired Magazine looks at U2's hi-tech concert shows (although, in all fairness, it's not his most exciting writing).


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