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Quotidian Media

Friday, July 29, 2005
Ever since I wrote my paper "The Blogging of Everyday Life" (which I've yet to get around to polishing and publishing, but really should soon), I've been vaguely thinking about terminology to describe de Certeau's ideas about everyday life in the context of participatory culture. Adrian Miles over at RMIT seems to have come up with a term which would be perfect, Quotidian Media:
Quotidian media is media from, in, and about the everyday. It is the media of blogs, mobile phones, podcasting and video blogs. Its qualities are immediacy and the aesthetics of the everyday. This means grunge from low bit rates, domestic hardware (single chip cameras, video shot on digital still cameras or even mobile phones), poor lighting, little editing, and so on. Just as blogs are not that anxious about the odd typo, muffed gramma, and so on, so too with quotidian media. It is not about excellence where ‘excellence’ is only ever equated with ‘professional standards’. Quotidian media is from the everyday, about the everyday, embedded amongst the everyday. It is the media of the ordinary. Mass media is all about news as exception (which is yet another reason why they so often struggle to understand networked media such as blogs), blogs are celebrations of the ordinary. Popular network literacy - what you get when lots of non specialists can publish rich media on our networks - produces quotidian media.


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