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The September Project

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
I recieved an interesting request by email the other day: a student from the University of Washington by the name of Leanne Becker wrote to me asking for assistance on a Concepts in New Media course project: to create a Google Bomb for The September Project. Since the September Project sounds quite interesting, here are the details that Leanne describe, complete with their Google Bombing link:
The September Project was created by University of Washington professor David Silver in an effort to raise civic engagement on a day that affected everyone. Instead of remembering the day as tragedy the September project is an infrastructure for getting people talking to each
other in an open forum of issues that matter to them at the time together in local libraries across the nation.

We have two goals with this effort. First, we hope to differentiate the September project from the specific events of September 11, 2001. While the anniversary of September 11 is significant in and of itself, the September project has broader goals of civic engagement by discussion issues that matter around the globe.

Secondly, we are attempting to raise the page rank of September project resulting from the Internet search of the phrase, “issues that matter”. To facilitate both of these goals we are asking for assistance among highly ranked bloggers.
Sounds like a good project to me! :)


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