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Some Thoughtful Reading

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
[X] Ian Bogost makes a convincing (and passionate) case for why full-screen ads in videogames are evil and poorly thought through (but may succeed anyway!).

[X] Sean Savage on the Smart Mobs blog worries that when two databases meet, privacy may be their victim, citing the combination of Hot or Not profiles plus Google Maps.

[X] Paul Marino at Thinking Machinima has a thoughtful look at how the massively overhyped Hot Coffee Mod might eventually impact the modding community and machinima-makers (machinimatographers, even!).

[X] Grant points to an great feature over at Game Revolution called "The Truth About Violent Youth and Video Games" which argues that the current playstation obsessed generation of US kids/teens are the least violent generation ever (the opposite of what the conservative media hype would suggest).


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