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Some Quick Thoughts: Potter, Vendetta & Sin

Saturday, July 23, 2005
[X] I liked Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince a lot more than The Order of the Phoenix. While the book still has a much heavier tone that the first few volumes, Harry is a lot more likeable in the latest, and penultimate, addition to the series. I've heard some quite different opinions as to whether the opening scene with the Muggle PM and the Minister for Magic worked, but I think it linked the Potterverse rather closely with our world (especially after London's 7/7 bombings) and I suspect that will make the book even more relevant (and no doubt spawn some interesting cultural studies interpretations before the seventh book hits the shelves). I also think that The Half-Blood Prince will be a lot easier to adapt for the big screen than Order of the Phoenix. Phoenix tended to ramble a bit, didn't really have a clear narrative path and entailed an awful lot of whinging and mopping, while The Half-Blood Prince had a bit of repetition that can easily be lost, but the climax, death and funeral scene all dripped with cinematic flow. I just hope that all of the actors who have appeared in the first four films can still be around for the Half-Blood Prince film, since the climax involves pretty much every well-developed character to ever grace Hogwarts (and many more!).

[X] The first trailer for V for Vendetta is live. The I suspect the Wachowski brothers may very well return to the fine form of the first Matrix with this effort!

[X] Sin City is very, very faithful to Frank Millar's vision. I like it a lot. Almost every scene looked amazing and used special effects to their fullest advantage, emphasising the story, not causing a distraction from it. The only character I had trouble with was Elijah Wood's take on a nutcase cannibal, but that's only because I couldn't shake the implausibility of hobbit serial killer.


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