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Katrina: The Aftermath, The Politics & Citizen Media (Part 4)

Thursday, September 08, 2005
(Continued from here.)

[X] Crooks & Liars have an excerpt from The Daily Show which is both hilarious and insightful given the political context:
Ed Helms says:...through the President's leadership, he'll end up building a billion dollar dam in Arkansas.

Stewart: Why would he build a dam in Arkansas?

Helms: His plan will be to fight the water over there, so we don't have to fight it over here.

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[X] Bitch, PhD links to the story of Katrina as seen through the eyes of some hotel evacuees who are less than impressed with the relief efforts ("There was more suffering than need be. Lives were lost that did not need to be lost.").

[X] Andrew Sullivan wonders if it's possible to tell the difference between the actual mess caused by the US Federal Government and an Onion parody?

[X] Boing Boing reports that FEMA have instructed Reuters not to use any pictures of the dead in New Orleans. They also note that the authorities are actively stopping a low-power FM station from being established for New Orleans' "refugees".

[X] The Online Journalism Review has Katrina Timeline wiki which shows what was happening when in relation to the disaster relief (or, more accurately, lack thereof). Think Progress also has a Katrina Timeline.

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