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Fifth & Final Serenity/Firefly Viral Movie Clip: Session 416, First Excerpt

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
With today's release of Session 416, First Excerpt, the series of five short movie clips released as an engaging viral marketing prequel to the upcoming Joss Whedon directed feature film Serenity, comes to an end. This episodic prequel tale shows the transformation of young River Tam from an indealistic child genius to an unstable and potentially lethal warrior. The clips are, in may ways, quite simple with just Summer Glau playing River Tam and the mysterious doctor, played by Joss Whedon. However, they're extremely well scripted, giving an uncanny sense of foreboding which leads into the film (and, indeed, is also a prequel to the all-too-short lived Firefly TV series).

The story so far...
River Tam, Sessions 1, 22, 165 & 416
[X] Session 1 - River is interviewed by Dr JW for the first time, showing empathic skills (before her "training" and "tests" by the Alliance). River: "People tell you things all the time ... without talking."
[X] Session 22 - River is trying to talk her way out of the programme, but Dr JW isn't listening. River: "I ... I don't think I'm the right ... subject for this programme."
[X] Session 165 - We see what a year at the hands of the Alliance has done to River. River: "Do you worry that I cut up my mattress for no good reason ... or that I had a perfectly good reason that you can't see?"
[X] Session 416, Excerpt 2 - River and the Dr JW part ways, dramatically. River: "I can see you."

And now...
River Tam, Session 416, First Excerpt
[X] Session 416, First Excerpt - In which River tells Dr JW she has a mission, but she can't tell him what it's about. River: "I'll have to write it down ..."

These clips build a wonderful atmosphere for Serenity and, having been lucky enough to see a pre-screening of the film, I can assure you that the story just gets better and better from here!

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