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Serenity Viral Movie Clip III: Session 22

Thursday, August 25, 2005

A third viral clip promoting the upcoming Serenity film has emerged. This one is Session 22, which takes place between the previously uncovered Session 416, Excerpt 2 and Session 1.

These clips have been officiality acknowledged now as part of the film's promotional campaign. From the Session 416 website, this excerpt from a recent chat session with Summer Glau and Joss Whedon:
Trienco: The River session videos. How official are they, as Universal still denies knowledge. Are they just playing along or is it handled by someone else?
Summer Glau: Trienco, I don't know...
Joss Whedon: Trienco, I also deny knowledge of those things that I wrote and shot and am in.
A Yahoo discussion group focused on the viral footage has been discussing some interesting ideas, such as these clips being part of an augmented reality game, and fans suddenly bearing similarities to the footageheads from William Gibson's Pattern Recognition. Personally, I don't think these clips will end up being part of a larger game, other than the challenge of finding the clips. However as "John Dowses" is posting hints on Serenity-related boards (and, remarkably, "John Dowses" is an anagram for "Joss Whedon"), I suspect a few more clips are yet to come! The fansite Session 416 is doing a great of tracking and archiving the clips and since there could be a few more yet, I'm going to stop posting every time a clip is found, and rather point to new clips when they emerge in PonderLinks, but keep an eye out because even these three clips tell a sad but gripping story about River Tam's abuse at the hands of the Alliance (which puts these clips as prequels to both Firefly and Serenity).

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