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PonderLinks: A Ponderance Link Roll

Sunday, August 21, 2005
While I really enjoy reading both Waxy and Kottke, it's their link rolls WaxyLinks and Remaindered Links which often contain the most juicy bits for me. There's also a wonderful economy of blog-time when your bookmarking and your linkrolling are closely related. However, until today I'd thought it was too hard to maintain a LinkRoll while still using Blogger, and I'm quite attached to Blogger and my Ponderance address (the full reasons for which I really should blog about one day soon). However, after I've resorted to several link-based posts with tiny descriptions recently, I decided to have another look around. Behold, I can indeed create a rudimentary linkroll, and PonderLinks is born!

What Is Ponderlinks?
For those links which are interesting enough to blog, but are either self-explanatory or can be explained in one quick sentence, all in the flavour of the usual painfully broad Ponderance perspective! (The actual links are just to the right in the sidebar if you're reading this in-blog and not in syndication.)

How Did I (And Could You) Make a LinkRoll with a Blogger Blogspot Blog?
[X] del.icio.us - in its about, del.icio.us says it's "a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily add sites you like to your personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others," which is pretty much it. I've just started storing my bookmarks there since, like GMail, it means all my stuff is online and can be found when I jump computers. For my LinkRoll, del.icio.us' two key features are tags and RSS feeds; I don't want all my bookmarks in a link roll, so I use one specific tag to say which links should get included, and I don't want to do anything manually, and del.icio.us supports tag-derived RSS feeds, so I just use that to get my links.
[X] Rss-to-JavaScript - Of course, I can't just plug RSS straight into my Blogger template. However, using this nifty service, I can turn my RSS feed into a Javascript application that can be opened in my sidebar. Actually, it appears del.icio.us just released native LinkRoll capabiliites which makes this even easier!

Hey presto, a quick cut'n'paste of code into my template, and there we have PonderLinks, ready to (link)roll!

LinkRoll Feeds
Want to get the feeds directly? Your options:
[X] PonderLinks Direct del.icio.us Bookmark
[X] PonderLinks RSS Feed

Remain(der)ing Issues
I can't quite figure out how to make Via links for Linkroll posts found elsewhere. I'm working on it. Any suggestions? With the del.icio.us linkroll feed, html appears as text at del.icio.us, but goes live in the linkroll, so [via]s are now possible. :)


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