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WA Blog Awards Nite - August 31st 2005

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Yes, WA does have enough bloggers/blogs to have its own Blog Awards Nite! It might not be as dead-pan or serious as other Awards Nights (although, I have heard Steve Martin has agreed to host it ... but that may just be a rumour). Anyway, you want to know about it, so this is what Bret said:

Brass Monkey 209 William Street Northbridge (upstairs) 7PM Aug 31

Nominate your blog or some random WA blog for an award (there are no categories; make up your own).

Nominate Here

Nominations must be received by 2408 if you want your trophy/certificate to be ready.

A panel of esteemed judges from Perth Blogs will oversee the awards. No, really.

You must attend to collect your award (not saying you’ll definitely get one) and entry is free of course. Bring money for drinks. Of course.

PS Don’t forget to find 5 new blogs and bring the URLs along on a bit of dead tree.

Image by DJToon
Head directly over to Not The West for full details (just in case I left anything out!). While I would never dream of suggesting you nominate me, I do believe that making up your own categories sounds great fun, so if you for some reason did want to nominate me/Ponderance, then "WA Blog With Least WA Content", "Blog That Has Facilitated The Most Procrastination While Writing a PhD" and other exciting categories await your invention!

And yes, I've got my nominations in ...


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