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Wednesday, August 10, 2005
[X] I knew there was a reason I installed iPodLinux on my iPod: now if I choose to I can play Doom with a clickwheel! [Via PodCastingNews]

[X] Getting the news via RSS just got easier with Google News enabling RSS and ATOM feeds by topic area. Get the US feeds here, or the Australian feeds here. [Via Kottke]

[X] The Age has a lightweight but encouraging look at the rise of graphic novel acceptability in Australian culture (on the back of Sin City and the upcoming V for Vendetta, no doubt).

[X] Jane Perrone in the Guardian NewsBlog has a solid roundup of the really disturbing Google Vs CNet battle/blacklisting. I can't help but feel there's more to this story, but what we've heard so far seems like a huge abuse of power by Google (or, as Perrone puts it, "Google hasn't just thrown its teddy out of the pram: it has stamped all over it as well."). [Via Guardian Online]

[X] USAToday has an article talking about the difficulties for mainstream radio podcasting their shows due to commercial music licenses. Solution: use PodSafe music on the radio! :)

[X] The BBC has a fantastic interview with TIm Berners-Lee about the Read/Write Web, which includes a resounding endorement of the blogosphere:
The idea was that anybody who used the web would have a space where they could write and so the first browser was an editor, it was a writer as well as a reader. Every person who used the web had the ability to write something. It was very easy to make a new web page and comment on what somebody else had written, which is very much what blogging is about.


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