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The Podcasting Dollar

Sunday, August 21, 2005
The podosphere--the collective term for podcasts derived from the blogosphere--has taken recently become a far more intriguing realm in terms of that elusive greenback. Adam Curry, the self-styled "Podfather" who produces the Daily Source Code and, along with Dave Winer, kick-started the podcast "revolution" almost a year ago has just set up shop in San Francisco to see how far podcasting can be pushed. Curry, with his MTV credentials, might just be the harbinger of citizen audio! From the official Press Release on Yahoo:
PodShow, Inc., today announced $8.85M in strategic investments from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sequoia Capital and Sherpalo Ventures. PodShow is the breakthrough business that is at the epicenter of the podcasting revolution, providing directories, community, technology and content programming that have helped to make podcasting the most explosive media innovation since the introduction of the web browser. Podcasting enables anyone to create high-quality audio programming and distribute to any listener to be enjoyed on their computer or MP3 player. An innovation originally fueled by grass roots support, podcasting has brought together thousands of producers and millions of listeners. In less than one year, PodShow's independently produced podcasts are now embraced by mainstream media companies and benefiting from distribution channels such as Apple's iTunes and Sirius Satellite Radio. PodShow will utilize its infusion of capital to continue developing and supporting the content, tools and technologies that are at the heart of the medium.
While podcasting is still in its infancy in many ways, Curry's media-savviness may just make sure that "indie" has a place in the US, and can reach the rest of US via the wonderful, wonderful web. That said, with money comes the spectre of excess commercialisation, and with the massive bandwidth being consumed by podcast downloads in recent months, especially in the wake of a podcasting-enable iTunes, a careful balance needs to be sought! [Via Adam Curry]


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