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Serenity/Firefly Viral Movie Clip IV: Session 165

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The fourth in the series of disturbing viral movie clips released online promoting/prequelling Serenity has been uncovered. Session 165, in which River has clearly been abused and is showing the lack of clarity evident throughout Firefly, is now online.

The story so far...
[X] Session 1. River is interviewed by Dr JW for the first time, showing empathic skills (before her "training" and "tests" by the Alliance). River: "People tell you things all the time ... without talking."
[X] Session 22 River is trying to talk her way out of the programme, but Dr JW isn't listening. River: "I ... I don't think I'm the right ... subject for this programme."
[X] Session 416, Excerpt 2: River and the Dr JW part ways, dramatically. River: "I can see you."

In Session 165 we see what a year at the hands of the Alliance has done to River. River: "Do you worry that I cut up my mattress for no good reason ... or that I had a perfectly good reason that you can't see?" Watching these four clips in a row is somewhere between heart-breaking and chilling. I've got to say, were I not already a Firefly fan, the intrigue provoked by these virals would certainly get me to the cinema for Serenity on September 29th.

[Direct Download from Internet Archive - 3.59MB Mov]
[Other Download Mirrors, incl. WMV version, at Session 416]

For more information about the first three clips, click here.

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