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Sunday, August 28, 2005
Okay, the comment system I've been using for the past two years from BackBlog has been down for most of today (Sunday), and this is far from the first time, so I'm changing comment systems. I've hesitated making this decision in the past because it will probably cause havoc with past comments that I want to keep. Although it doesn't allow for trackbacks of threaded conversations, the comment functionality that has been added by Blogger isn't that bad, so I'm activating it.

I've followed these instructions which should allow old BackBlog comments to remain visible (if, indeed, their service returns as all I'm getting is "Service Unavailable" at present). Although I don't think I'll have to, I may need to manually re-publish some of the older posts in order to see the old comments. If so, my RSS feed may be clogged with past posts. If this happens, my sincerest apologies!

Update (Mon, 29 August 2005, 10.25am): I had to manually repost about 200 entries to keep the old comments (*sigh*) but they're all done. Hopefully RSS spam was kept to a minimum ... if you saw 200 posts, you have my sympathies!


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