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Mashups, Brokeback(s) and more...

Sunday, February 26, 2006
I love mashups in all their various forms. I think that there is as much art to a good music mashup as there is to producing a good track in the first place. More recently, however, some of the most outstanding mashups have been movie clips, especially remixed trailers. Probably the most famous was The Shining re/cut as a romantic comedy but in the last few weeks in the wake of Brokeback Mountain and the focus on male love, there have been a series of really impressive re/cuts and mashups.

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The most outstanding by a mile is Brokeback to the Future which centres on the relationship between Doc and Marty, mainly drawing on the third Back to the Future and really illuminates the homosocial/homoerotic subtexts in the film.

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Brokeback Empire is also really clever, looking at the relationship between R2-D2 and C3PO in a many haven't before. Also worth mentioning, although not a mashup, Lego Brokeback Mountain is an impressive rendering on the story, too.

In a completely different direction, there has been a wonderful collision between a film exploring drug culture and the almost-there pyschedelia of Toy Story 2 ...

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ToyStory Requiem takes the provocatively disconcerting Requiem for a Dream and slaps that audio together with an impressive re/cut of Toy Story 2 to produce a mashup that really tweaks your brain!

While I appreciate the art in all of these, I'm really impressed by their utility as teaching tools. Trying to emphasise how much audio and visual can operate in different ways is wonderfully explicated by the ToyStory Requiem while explaining and exploring subtexts has never been easier than with a few provocative Brokeback Mountain themed mashups to provoke conversation! Bring on more mashups, I say...

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