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Ourmedia's Learning Centre ... A Wealth of (Re)Usable Resources for citizen (and student) media productions!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
JD Lasica announced recently that the first public iteration of OurMedia's Learning Centre is open for your use ...

Ourmedia is proud to announce the unveiling of the Personal Media Learning Center as well as the Open Media Directory.

The Learning Center is an ongoing project with a simple aim: to help people engage in the participatory media movement by showing them how to create videoblogs, podcasts, screencasts, digital stories and other emerging media forms.

There are sections on Video, Audio, Multimedia, Images and Text. In addition, we have what will undoubtedly become a deep Topics section. We're starting out with the subjects of Personal media - Getting started, Citizen journalism, and Copyright & the law.

We have a lot of needs in fillng out these sections, so if you'd like to write a tutorial, share an article, or create a screencast, video or podcast that would be helpful to people, see our guidelines and contact me [JD Lasica]. This is media training of the people by the people.

Included is a major resource for students (and others) producing digital media is the directory of reusable music (and other bits) ...
The Open Media Directory is a clearinghouse of dozens of different sites where you can find legal, podsafe music, audio and video clips. For anyone who wants to add a music soundtrack to their online video or add music to a podcast, the Open Media Directory is a treasure. Thanks to the UK's David Holmes, the directory's editor, for pulling it together for us.

These resources centrally index a wealth of resources that well-informed students and citizen media producers can use and not have to fear (or violate) copyright laws. (While the laws are crappy, working within them means you can always use your own work rather than having fantastic portfolio productions you can't actually show anyone since you don't have permission to use your background music!)

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