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PerthDAC: The Future of Digital Media

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
PerthDAC is coming! DAC, or to use its full name, the 7th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference is being held in Perth as part of BEAP. This is very exciting as I've always head good things about DAC but never been able to make it. Now DAC has come to me (well, Perth, but that's where they tend to keep me!). And what better theme that The Future of Digital Media? Very exciting!

The call for papers (and note that the dates are quite a long time before DAC so get thinking about those papers):
Papers are sought for PerthDAC 2007 that will illuminate both the near and long term Future of Digital Media Culture. Papers which present research outcomes, track trends or developments, describe case studies or works in progress, are speculative projection, challenge existing paradigms or record a history, are all welcome. Submissions are encouraged from any professional, craft or scholarly field that relates to communications art/design, cultural expression, practice and aesthetics, and the technical means by which they are enabled.

perthDAC 2007 accepts submissions from fields such as the humanities, social sciences, human-computer interaction and computer science studies, as well as those working both practically and theoretically in specific areas such as: digital/interactive art, digital/electronic literature, game studies, online communities, new media studies, affective computing, experience design, virtual environment design, etc.

Topics of interests may include, but are not limited to, computer games, hypertext theory and literature, new media narrative, streaming media, interactive and networked performance, digital aesthetics, interactive cinema, theory, art, bio-art, nano-art, augmented reality, cyberculture, electronic fiction, electronic music, electronic art, games culture, games system design, games theory, interactive architecture, cinema and video, MOOs, MUDs, RPG, virtual reality, virtual worlds.
Artists, early career scholars and PhD students are particularly encouraged to submit.

All abstracts and then full papers will be double blind peer reviewed by an international panel, and will be published in the proceedings. Some papers will be published as a special themed journal edition.

Dates for the submission of 500 word abstracts and then full papers are:

Abstracts: 14th August 2006
Full papers: 4th December 2006

Hope to see you there!

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