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YouTube: Thoughts, Gems and a very rare Star Wars deleted scene!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Pretty much everyone I work with has been hit by the dreaded flu in the past two weeks and it finally caught up with me in the last few days so I've been at home with cups to tea and a fuzzy head today. For an hour or so I explored YouTube since I've only superficially parted their digital curtains to date. There's a lot of crap, but also some quite interesting clips and characters (albeit with very teenangst/provocative names). There are some very nasty teen flamewars about featuring youtube micro-celebs such as EmoKid21Ohio (angst and emotional angst...), FilthyWhore (whose name is provocative, but whose clips are far more mundane) and even Nornna (who seems to post about a dozen clips a day, documenting a very ordinary life which includes even the vacumming, but is made fascinating by how much of it now lives online in youtube clips).

One of the more interesting clips was the Hey clip (" heya all! dancing stupid is fun") which was made by a 21 year-old Israeli girl called Tasha (with a MySpace profile, of course) and her friend. Their creative lip-sync effort seems to have struck an audience, with hundreds of similar clips (both homages and parodies). The clip has even spawned its own fan site and fan blog. I suspect Tasha might be an iconic representative of the digital native generation whose creative work builds upon digital samples (both music and film - she has a re-edit of a Donnie Darko trailer online too). YouTube, in its early incarnation at the moment at least, appears to foster a mashup culture where personal expression, creativity and samples are all part of daily interaction.

Moving away from the digital natives (which really isn't the best generational term ... I think I'll stick with the iGeneration for now) I came across two gems that I had to share ...

[X] Avenue Q Meets World of Warcraft in a very funny machinima music video ...

[X] And a lost, rare, deleted clip from Star Wars featuring Luke and Biggs on Tatooine which really would have changed the tone of the film ...

(I have the feeling this clip might disappear from YouTube at some point. Lucasfilm are (in)famous for enforcing their copyright, even if they've not released the clip themselves!)

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At 5/10/2006 08:40:00 pm, Blogger skribe said...

Very interesting SW clip. I haven't seen it before but I think I've seen the bit that they refer to about the ships shooting at one another.

When I first saw SW in the summer of 77/78 there was a scene where Luke looks through those big binocs at the sky and sees the battle between the star destroyer and Leia's ambassadoral ship. Just pin points of light but clearly they're exchanging fire. I've never seen that scene in any print since.

Most of the YouTube scene also appears in the novel IIRC (it's been nearly 30 years since I read it btw =).


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