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VideoDownloader for YouTube et al

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
While the rapid emergence of clip culture epitomised by YouTube is both fascinating and often enjoyable (after sifting through so much rubbish!), by far the most annoying thing has been the difficulty in saving the video clips for replay later if you're not going to be online on a broadband connection 24/7. Well, for Firefox users, that just stopped being a problem with Javi Moya's VideoDownloader 1.0 extension for Firefox. One-click saving of YouTube and a horde of other Flash-driver-driven clip culture websites! Nice one! (Here's a quick screencast to show you how it works.) [Via BBoing]

Now you can enjoy and download mashup delights like the wonderful C is for Cookie mashup trailer from Steve and LowLevelRebel which mushes Sesame Street with V for Vendetta.

Of course, you can still embed the clips, too ...

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At 5/03/2006 07:48:00 pm, Blogger TheRenYouKnow said...

1. I LOVE that addon! Thank you!

2. Elmo!!!


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