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"Games Made Me Do It"

Tuesday, April 04, 2006
GamePro reports that a US court has decided to continue with a case which basically makes the "games made me do it" defense a reality:

The Alabama Supreme Court has dismissed a motion for an appeal by Take-Two Interactive and video-game sellers, ruling in favour for a $600 million lawsuit to move forward, which sets the stage for a trial over killings blamed on the Grand Theft Auto games.

In 2003, then 18-year-old Devin Moore shot and killed two Fayette police officers and one dispatcher. Moore's defence was barred from linking the shootings to violent video games, and he was ultimately sentenced to death last year for the murders.

Relatives of the victims, however, suggest the killings are to be blamed on Moore's repeated playing of the Grand Theft Auto games. The victim's families filed suit against the maker of GTA, Take-Two Interactive, as wells as Wal-Mart and Gamestop, the two stores where Moore bought the games.

After his arrest, Moore told investigators: "Life is a video game; everybody has to die sometime."

The trial could start as early as January 2007.

Even the court which convicted Moore dismissed "the game made me do it" argument. Seriously, if watching or interacting with media made you do the things you simulated I'd have to (a) spend a lot of time stopping people trip on banana peels; (b) run around consuming a huge amout of small white pills which, when I take a large one, alter my perceptions of other people; and (c) hack of several heads daily as I chuckle "weelcccoooome to BARBARIAN!'.

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