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'game-art-interface' session at the CyberGames and Interactive Entertainment Conference ... in Perth!

Monday, May 15, 2006
I heard about the CyberGames and Interactive Ent conference at Murdoch on Perth a little while back, but thought it sounded a little too technical for me. However, Andrew Hutchinson is organising a 'game-art-interface' session which seems specifically aimed at getting the arts and humanities perspectives back into the gaming conference. The details ...

'game-art-interface' special session of

CGIE2006 CyberGames and Interactive Entertainment, 4-6 December 2006, Perth, Western Australia.

CGIE2006 is the joint conference of the Third Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment (IE 2006) and Cybergames 2006: International Conference and Exhibition on Games Research and Development.

The 'game-art-interface' special session at CGIE2006 will explore the intersection of art theory and practice with game design. Submissions are invited that challenge the past, present and future of game aesthetics and interface.

'game-art-interface' seeks to expand the awareness and potential of creative practice as applied to the cultural phenomenon of digitally mediated games. Submissions that address un-conventional notions and interpretations of the term 'games' are welcome.

A special international refereeing committee specifically experienced with the intersection of games and art will supervise the 'game-art-interface' special session of Cybergames 2006.

Accepted papers will be published in the proceedings. Please submit paper in
PDF format, 8 pages maximum. Paper format should follow the ACM

Proceedings format and template can be downloaded from

Critical Dates

* Full Paper Submission Due: 15 June 2006
* Early Bird Registration Due: 31 July 2006

Please contact special session chair Andrew Hutchison with any enquires.
Email: a.hutchison@curtin.edu.au
URL: http://www.cgie2006.murdoch.edu.au/

So come along to Perth and talk games in December!

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