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Special Issue of Reconstruction on 'Theories/Practice of Blogging' is Out!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The special themed issue of Reconstruction which focuses on blogging is out! Here's the announcement:

Reconstruction is proud to announce the publication of its Vol. 6, No. 4 (2006) themed issue, "Theories/Practices of Blogging," which can be found at http://reconstruction.eserver.org.

Featured in the issue:
* Michael Benton (aka Thivai Abhor), "Thoughts on Blogging by a Poorly Masked Academic"
* Craig Saper, "Blogademia"
* danah boyd, "A Blogger's Blog: Exploring the Definition of a Medium"
* Tama Leaver, "The Blogging of Everyday Life"
* Erica Johnson, "Democracy Defended: Polibloggers and the Political Press in America"
* Carmel L. Vaisman, "Design and Play: Weblog Genres of Adolescent Girls in Israel"
* David Sasaki, "Identity and Credibility in the Global Blogosphere"
* Anna Notaro, "The Lo(n)g Revolution: The Blogosphere as an Alternative Public Sphere?"
* Emerald Tina, "My Life in the Panopticon: Blogging From Iran"
* Various Authors, "Webfestschrift for Wealth Bondage/The Happy Tutor"
* Lilia Efimova, "Two papers, me in between"
* Lauren Elkin, "Blogging and (Expatriate) Identity"
* Various Bloggers, "Why I Blog, Part I", "Why I Blog, Part II"

I'm pleased to see this issue appear for all sorts of reasons, but here are there good ones:

1. Even though I've given a number of conference papers, talks and run units using and exploring blogging, my first full article on blogs, "The Blogging of Everyday Life" appears in this issue. Take a look and let me know what you think!

2. The place of blogging inside academia has a been a hot topic for years, so Michael Benton's "Thoughts on Blogging by a Poorly Masked Academic" and Craig Saper's "Blogademia" are both welcome explorations of both individual and larger motivations for blogs in the academy!

3. And, in keeping with the style of a blog, this issue has a section called the Blogroll which, like many sidebars across the blogosphere, contains snippits pointing to dozens of interesting posts where various bloggers from all sorts of backgrounds answer the question "Why I Blog?". I've mentioned my contribution to that list in the past, but there are so many interesting thoughts on blogging that I strong encourage you to have a look!

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